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We have too many people in St. Paul who have given up and forgotten the promise of the United States and simply want to manage our decline.

I believe that the people of Minnesota can "Reclaim Our Promise" if government can just get out of the way. I am seeking the state house seat in 41B representing the people of Columbia Heights, Hilltop, New Brighton and St. Anthony who want to work, raise their family and be free.

The politicians in St. Paul seek to have input in every part of your life, regardless of their authority to do so.
    * I will adhere to the Constitution of the United States.
    * I will adhere to the Constitution of the State of Minnesota.
    * I will seek to remove laws and regulations that are choking our economy.
    * I will seek to remove laws and regulations that take authority from our local cities.
    * I will seek to remove laws and regulations that take authority form our local schools.
    * I will seek a balanced budget...after the size and scope of government is reduced.
It isn't difficult to see where I stand, simply to protect our inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


We wanted to give a special thank you to all who donated to the campaign and came to the Donor's social. We had a great time and made it to our goal.

The people of Columbia Heights deserve better than Carolyn Laine who simply wants to manage the decline of our state and our country. Laura also doesn't see herself as a savior as many politicians do after they have run for office a couple of times. She simply wants to do her part in St. Paul to bring government back to it's legitimate authority.

Those who have donated time and money so far understand that Laura is the type of person we need in St. Paul, simply a citizen legislator who sees herself just as that, a citizen.

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